Massage & Body Treatments

Ettalong Beach, Central Coast NSW             


When we feel good, we experience well~being.

Heartworks Lomi Lomi 

This beautiful, traditional Hawaiian style of massage uses long flowing movements that nurture and unite the mind, body, spirit connection. 

A Heartworks Lomi Lomi experience is like no other, and will take you on an interconnected journey of the senses. While Lomi Lomi is so much more than a massage, it will still deeply relax and relieve muscle tension.

* Lomi Lomi is only available as a full-body treatment.

90 mins $105  

Swedish Relaxation

This deeply relaxing treatment will have you enter into a state of bliss. Using a variety of hands-on techniques that work in harmony with your body's natural formation to release muscle and body tension.

60 mins $75   90 mins $105   120 mins $130

Pick Me Up Quick

A wonderful treatment option for those short on time. These personally tailored massages are offered in 15, 30 or 45 minute sessions, and will leave you feeling relaxedrevived and energised.

15 mins $25      30 mins $40      45 mins $55

Something Extra

Add a body scrub, hot towel wrap, aromatherapy or hot stones to your massage treatment.